• Community Input Needed

    Woodbury THRIVES is a grassroots community effort by community members and organizations collaborating together to create a healthy place to live. The founders of the initiative have included the City of Woodbury, Washington County, the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, the Woodbury Community Foundation and HealthEast. We are looking for Community Based Organizations to host a Community Conversation for up to 30 people to solicit input and feedback on health and wellness in Woodbury.
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  • 2017 Dates Announced

    The Woodbury Citizens’ Academy is an eight-week program that engages citizens in their community through knowledge and volunteerism. Sponsored by the Woodbury Community Foundation, the City of Woodbury and the Woodbury Lions Club. The 2017 Citizens’ Academy began on February 9th and will run through March 30th.
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  • Your Legacy Starts Here!

    As the Woodbury Community Foundation (WCF), it is our goal to ensure community well-being for all in Woodbury. We want to help make our community a great place to live, work, and play. As a donor, you and your family may want to leave a permanent legacy by supporting organizations and causes that matter most to you -- let us help you!
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Woodbury Citizens Creating a Healthy Community Together

Join your friends and neighbors in building a healthy community and be a part of the excitement of Woodbury THRIVES, a new community initiative to make Woodbury the best place to live and work in Minnesota, now and in the future.

“I take great pride in our active, healthy community,” said Mary Giuliani Stephens, Mayor of Woodbury.

“Woodbury THRIVES is an exciting opportunity for everyone to help develop a healthy community for all who call Woodbury home.”

Woodbury THRIVES is a grassroots community effort by community members and organizations collaborating together to create a healthy place to live. The founders of the initiative have included the City of Woodbury, Washington County, the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, the Woodbury Community Foundation and HealthEast. More than 30 other Woodbury organizations from all across our community have become engaged in planning the initiative since the start of the year.

“Healthier families, a more vibrant source of employees for economic development, and better access to services that help citizens adopt a lifestyle of health and well-being will benefit us all,” said Barbara Tuccitto Warren, Woodbury Chamber of Commerce.  “Long term success in a healthy community comes from grassroots efforts involving Woodbury citizens, our places of worship, non-profit organizations, city and county government and businesses,” said Maria Bitanga, Woodbury THRIVES Project Manager.

Join the conversation about community health

Woodbury THRIVES will host a number of community conversations about healthy communities beginning in April and continuing through June. The goal is to gather recommendations from residents, businesses and organizations on what defines a healthy community. These discussions will go beyond “health” as more than just the absence of disease and address the broader consideration of overall wellness of mind, body and soul.

“We need your help. The first step will be attending and participating in the community conversations. We hope to hear from 500 or more participants representing a full cross-section of the community to help shape the future of the program,” said Jack Lanners, Woodbury Community Foundation Board Chair. “This will be a great opportunity to gather together, get to know your neighbors and have a meaningful influence on developing this initiative.”

Woodbury Mayor Guiliani Stephens says this effort reminds her of the Feed My Starving Children packing event hosted at Bielenberg Sports Center last fall. “We came together – individuals and community groups of all kinds – to pack four million meals in four days, supporting worldwide hunger and the local emergency food shelf. I think we can do something similar with his effort. “

For dates, times and locations of community conversations, visit Woodbury THRIVES Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WoodburyTHRIVES.  Questions should be directed to Maria Bitanga at the Woodbury Community Foundation at 651-788-6586 or wcf@woodburyfoundation.org.

We would like to thank the following early partners

City of Woodbury: A leading community in which to live, work and thrive. Woodbury will continue to be a leading community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through professionalism, responsive services and leadership we will strengthen our tradition of public trust and effective resource management.

Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce: The Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce promotes the spirit of the Woodbury Area, enhances a progressive business environment and serves as the business voice of the community.

 HealthEast Care System: We are called to improve the health of our neighbors. Optimal health and well-being for our patients, our communities and ourselves. The HealthEast family empowers you and your family to live life better.

 The Woodbury Community Foundation: The Woodbury Community Foundation (www.woodburyfoundation.org) is a local philanthropic nonprofit agent acting on behalf of the community, to provide leadership and financial leverage to combat needs of our Woodbury residents.

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  • At its July board meeting, the Woodbury Community Foundation welcomed the addition of Jack Clinton, Ashray Gupta, Jeff Hrastich, Marcus Hultgren, Holly Minners, Donna Stafford and Margaret Wacholz to the Board of Directors.  At the same time, the Board thanked Stephanie Brunz, Joan Guider, Hannah Hamilton, Dick Hanson, Holton Sailor, and Darrell Silverness for their […]

    Jul 26th, 2016 | No Comments
  • The Woodbury Community Foundation was recently profiled in The Connector, a publication distributed to neighborhoods in Woodbury, to help share the vision of the Foundation and our focus on creating strategic impact in the community through a new set of priorities. To see the article, please click here! – WCF – The Connector – May 2016

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  • With support from the Sundance Family Foundation, the WCF is sponsoring an 8-week, out of school, service learning, leadership development and entrepreneurial program designed to give students in grades 11 and 12 opportunities to develop critical skills necessary for increased community engagement, acquire real world skills to succeed in the business environment, and explore entrepreneurship […]

    Apr 15th, 2016 | 1 Comment
  • Citizens’ Academy Graduates 26 Residents

    On a bright and sunny evening, 26 participants in the seventh installment of the Woodbury Community Foundation’s Citizens’ Academy completed their 8-week intensive learning experience about civic engagement in Woodbury. Supported by the Woodbury Lions (www.woodburylions.org) and in partnership with the City of Woodbury, the 8-week course engages citizens in their community through knowledge and […]

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  • Bruce Stafford was a 22 year veteran of the Woodbury Fire Department, a 35 year Paramedic with HealthEast and a First Responder with the St. Paul Saints Fan Service for 10 years.  To honor Bruce’s memory and in appreciation for the amazing service of Woodbury’s Public Safety Department (Police, Fire, Paramedics, EMT), Bruce’s wife, Donna, and […]

    Mar 8th, 2016 | No Comments
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A Program of the Woodbury Community Foundation, with support from the Sundance Family Foundation, South Washington County Department of Community Education, and the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce

What Is Youth Leadership Development?

This program is a 6-week service learning, leadership development and entrepreneurial program designed to give students in grades 11 and 12 opportunities to develop critical skills necessary for increased community engagement, acquire real world skills to succeed in the business environment, and explore entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

The learning component will be paired with a 20 to 40 hour service-learning opportunity in one of three areas: nonprofit/social service; business; entrepreneurship.  Teens successfully completing the program can earn a $250 honorarium.

Areas of Focus

Throughout the program, teens will be exposed to three main themes:

Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) integrates practices of positive youth development with community engagement  and social entrepreneurship to enable mutual transformation of economies, neighborhoods, and individuals.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the process of building relationships with community organizations and working with those organizations side-by-side in any and every way imaginable, building connections and developing an interest in their mission, with the end goal of helping making the community a better place to live.

Life Skill Development

Life skills are a comprehensive set of universal skills and abilities, connecting behavior, attitudes, and knowledge, which teens can develop and retain throughout their lives. Life skills increase young people’s well-being and help them to develop into active and productive members of their communities.

YLDP - Word Cloud

How Do I Apply?

  • All students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to apply.
  • Our pilot program will have up to 24 participants and will begin in April 2016
  • Priority will be given to students attending Woodbury and East Ridge High Schools.
  • Students who live in Woodbury and attend other schools may apply.
  • The online application form can be found by clicking HERE or by copying and entering the following URL into any web browser: http://goo.gl/forms/LhwnKSnFUV
  • Applications will be accepted until the program is full.
  • Program will be on Tuesday’s, beginning on May 3rd at 6:30p.  Location will be communicated to program participants.   

Contact Us

Give us a call for more information or if you have questions about registration.

 Woodbury Community Foundation | 10040 City Walk Drive | Woodbury, MN 55129 | (651) 788-6586

Email: wcf@woodburyfoundation.org

Visit us on the web at www.woodburyfoundation.org


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We invite you to join those donors who have stretched their dollars to help create an even greater impact in Woodbury.  Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage you to contribute to organizations like Woodbury Community Foundation.  Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some also provide a match for your volunteer hours. Turn your $100 donation into a $200 donation, or your 20 hours of volunteer time into a $100 donation with the help of your employer.

If you do not see your company listed below, please inquire with your human resources department about your employer’s matching gift policy and leverage your donation today.

For a list of companies that offer matching gift opportunities, please CLICK HERE!


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What is the Woodbury Community Foundation?
The Woodbury Community Foundation helps neighboring Woodbury organizations fulfill their mission of providing life-changing opportunities for economically stressed residents. We build smart collaborations, provide key research to guide intervention, and create networks of donors and volunteers to support the needs of Woodbury residents. We are working toward “well-being for all…for Woodbury.”

Our Mission
Our mission is to strengthen our community by connecting people and organizations with causes that matter.

Our Vision
Our vision is to ensure our community is a premier and caring place to live, work, and play.

Our Focus
The results of our recent Community Needs Survey have become the driving force of the Woodbury Community Foundation. We are focusing on four key areas: YOUTH, JOBS, HOUSING, and FOOD.

With these initiatives in mind, we can provide opportunities to local organizations and individuals for them to invest directly in multi-dimensional human-service issues that are of greatest concern and a growing challenge to the future of our city:

  • Financial turmoil caused by job loss. We encourage networking opportunities and professional training for citizens facing unemployment or a tough job market. We also support local employers who wish to engage in community efforts.
  • Family disruption or distress caused by military deployment, health problems, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, or domestic violence. We support programs that help these adults and children rebuild their lives and families.
  • Citizens who find it difficult to secure the basic essentials. We assist and partner with other organizations that distribute food and clothing, provide transportation and shelter, and assist with other basic needs.

The Woodbury Community Foundation fosters collaborative thinking, which builds our community and serves our citizens.

Our Greatest Inspiration
The inspired determination of our board members, donors, volunteers, and partners–working through innovative collaborations–fuels our goal, the well-being of all residents of Woodbury, particularly those who are dispossessed, alienated, or otherwise disadvantaged.

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