About Us

What is the Woodbury Community Foundation?
The Woodbury Community Foundation helps neighboring Woodbury organizations fulfill their mission of providing life-changing opportunities for economically stressed residents. We build smart collaborations, provide key research to guide intervention, and create networks of donors and volunteers to support the needs of Woodbury residents. We are working toward “well-being for all…for Woodbury.”

Our Mission
Our mission is to strengthen our community by connecting people and organizations with causes that matter.

Our Vision
Our vision is to ensure our community is a premier and caring place to live, work, and play.

Our Focus
The results of our recent Community Needs Survey have become the driving force of the Woodbury Community Foundation. We are focusing on four key areas: YOUTH, JOBS, HOUSING, and FOOD.

With these initiatives in mind, we can provide opportunities to local organizations and individuals for them to invest directly in multi-dimensional human-service issues that are of greatest concern and a growing challenge to the future of our city:

  • Financial turmoil caused by job loss. We encourage networking opportunities and professional training for citizens facing unemployment or a tough job market. We also support local employers who wish to engage in community efforts.
  • Family disruption or distress caused by military deployment, health problems, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, or domestic violence. We support programs that help these adults and children rebuild their lives and families.
  • Citizens who find it difficult to secure the basic essentials. We assist and partner with other organizations that distribute food and clothing, provide transportation and shelter, and assist with other basic needs.

The Woodbury Community Foundation fosters collaborative thinking, which builds our community and serves our citizens.

Our Greatest Inspiration
The inspired determination of our board members, donors, volunteers, and partners–working through innovative collaborations–fuels our goal, the well-being of all residents of Woodbury, particularly those who are dispossessed, alienated, or otherwise disadvantaged.

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