Woodbury Heritage Society: Miller Barn

This is the web page to donate to SAVE the MILLER BARN!

The Woodbury Heritage Society is working in partnership with the Woodbury Community Foundation.  The Foundation works with organizations like the Heritage Society to help nonprofits like ours receive funds for projects just like our Save the Miller Barn Campaign.

To make a tax-deductible gift to help preserve and develop the Miller Barn Project, please CLICK HERE.  Please make sure to make a note in your contribution that the funds are to be used for the Woodbury Heritage Society Fund.

Love old barns and history? We do!Save Miller Barn

As you know, the Woodbury Heritage Society is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preserving Woodbury’s history. Our current project is to save the Miller Barn, which is part of the Valley Creek Open Space.

The Miller Barn is an excellent example of the early barns of the areas. The Miller Barn and the surrounding 100-acre site represent an opportunity for Woodbury to celebrate our community’s heritage, to educate young and old on the history of those families and peoples who founded the community.

Some of our dreams for this project are: a portion of the barn that was used as an animal stall and a portion of the haymow would be retained as it might have been in the 1800s or early 1900s. This area would be set up as a historical exhibit. This design would allow young people to “play in the hay” as our community’s founders and some of us did when they (we) were young children.

Other portions of the beautiful barn would feature educational stations that would tell the story of Woodbury’s origins. Stations would feature photographic or artistic illustrations with audio descriptions of what life was like in Woodbury’s early days.

Our three year campaign needs to raise an estimated total of $550,000.

The opportunities to make a significant lasting impact on our wonderful community for current and future generation are NOW!

Join this exciting project! We cannot move forward without your charitable gift.  All gifts are tax deductible.

Love history, historical buildings and site?

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