Woodbury Thrives

 What is the Woodbury Culture of Health Initiative?

We believe that health involves an entire community oriented toward staying healthy and being healthy. The Woodbury Culture of Health Initiative is a collaborative effort to look at all the factors that define and affect health in our community. While it is sponsored by the Woodbury Community Foundation, it will engage stakeholders from across our community.

The ultimate outcome will be healthier people, a healthier community with lower costs of medical care. Our state of health will be another reason why people will want to move to Woodbury.

Overarching Goal:

A community initiative aimed at improving the health of residents in the broadest of ways: physical health, spiritual and emotional well-being and financial health. Helping residents to grow in health and financial literacy, to improve healthy behaviors, and together to promote Woodbury as a health and wellness community. The benefits – healthier families, a more vibrant source of employees, and better access to services that promote a lifestyle of health and well-being.

Our Vision  (Modified from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation )

Create a sustainable, long-term Culture of Health in Woodbury where:

  • Good health flourishes
  • Attaining the best health possible is valued
  • Business, government, individuals, and organizations work together
  • Healthy communities and lifestyles guide public/private decision making.
  • Health care is easily accessible, efficient and equitable
  • We are all in this together and no one is excluded.

This Initiative is a collaboration of civic, service, education, business, healthcare organizations.  How can you or your organization get involved? 

  • Funding Partners—organizations that support the ongoing Culture of Health initiative. Will be recognized in all communications, including website, monthly email newsletters and public gatherings
  • Culture of Health Stakeholder Network—all organizations, including business, healthcare, service, and civic—as well as all individuals of Woodbury
  • Attend Community gatherings—all voices will be heard
  • Attend a Focus group—in depth generative discussions for development of the programs and initiatives that will bring a Culture of Health to life
  • Design Team—a select group of Woodbury stakeholders who will work to design and test programs and initiatives

Current Partners

Woodbury Community Foundation  *  HealthEast Care System  *  Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce  *   City of Woodbury  *  Washington County Public Health  *  Woodbury Health & Wellness Collaborative  *  Legislative District 53 Delegation  *  American Cancer Society – Minnesota  * County Health Rankings & Roadmaps  *  Silos to Circles


If you or anyone you know has an interest in getting involved with this Initiative, please be sure to contact a member of the Coordinating Team listed below.

Woodbury THRIVES Leadership Team

Roger Green, Project Liaison, Woodbury Community Foundation
Tom Pfotenhauer, Board Member, Woodbury Community Foundation
Nevin Kamel, Citizen Representative
Jeffrey Prottas, CFRE, Executive Director, Woodbury Community Foundation
Mary Giuliani Stephens, Mayor, City of Woodbury
Barbara Tuccittio Warren President, Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce
Joan Pennington, System Director – Community Health, HealthEast
Lia Burg, Community Health Specialist, Washington County Public Health
Maria Bitanga, Project Manager, University of Minnesota, School of Public Health
Jim Midtlien, Q Market Research
Shelley Schaefer, Office of Senator Al Franken

Other founding volunteers:  Albert Linderman, Ph.D, Sagis Health; John Johnson, Process Expert, Sagis Health; Dr. Joanne Disch, National Nursing Leader, University of Minnesota, Richard Hanson, Retired 3M

For more information contact:  651-788-6586 or via email: wcf@woodburyfoundation.org

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