Programs & Initiatives

The Woodbury Community Foundation historically has had several programs and initiatives that were designed interact with and engage our community:

In November 2009, our Basic Needs Task Force commissioned local social service and research experts Wilder Research to conduct a Community Needs survey in Woodbury.

It was mailed to 4,000 households (approximate total of 21,000 households in Woodbury).  Our goal was to obtain at least a 10% response rate.  Incentives were offered by several local businesses resulting in an exceptional response rate of more than 900 surveys (about 24%).

In 2010, we released the results of the Wilder Research Survey in Woodbury.

Four key areas were driving the direction of the Woodbury Community Foundation: YOUTH, JOBS, HOUSING, & FOOD.

Each Key Initiative Team reviewed the challenges and concerns raised by Woodbury residents and conducted further research to learn more about where gaps existed and what our impact could be.

We initiated the first Woodbury Citizens’ Academy in 2010 to expand the knowledge of our citizens in a way that encourages more involvement in our community.

Woodbury citizens gained, and continue to gain, an understanding of how local public, private and nonprofit sectors work in their respective areas, as well as make the City of Woodbury a great place to live, work and play.

In 2011, we launched a networking and educational opportunity for local business leaders and owners known as our Leadership Forum.  This monthly gathering connects business executives with like-minded community leaders, representatives of the nonprofit community, and philanthropists who tend to either live in Woodbury, but may work elsewhere, or who live elsewhere, but work in Woodbury.  The focus of this unique program is to build relationships, learn from each other and connect with the WCF and the Community to increase civic engagement, volunteerism, and philanthropy in Woodbury.

Chef Fest 2015 was the premier event of the Woodbury Community Foundation this year.

Seven Chefs from the American Culinary Federation partnered with the Foundation and the Prom Center to stage one of the largest ‘foodie’ events in the community.  Close to 300 folks joined the Foundation for an evening of celebration with great food, good demonstrations by our Chef’s, a moving tribute to the Foundation by one of our original Board members, Dixie Ewing, and three wonderful video presentations.

It is a unique event that brings together the whole community in the name of philanthropy.

Proceeds from this event are put back into the community in the form of programs and grants.

In 2015, the WCF continued its partnership with the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce for the our Business Education Partnership, built new relationships with Washington County, the Woodbury Health and Wellness Collaborative and HealthEast to launch our work in transforming our impact work in the area of Health and Wellness, and is partnering with the Sundance Family Foundation to launch a ground-breaking out-of-school leadership experience for teens.

We are looking forward to sharing ideas and helping local organizations by working together for the benefit of our community.

Our mission is “to strengthen our community by connecting people & organizations with causes that matter.”  Our vision is to ensure that our community is a premier and caring place to live, work, and play.

For more information on how to get connected to the Woodbury Community Foundation, please contact our office, at 651-788-6586 or send us an email at

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