Programs & Initiatives

The Woodbury Community Foundation has several programs and initiatives to further interact with and engage our community:

In November 2009, our Basic Needs Task Force commissioned local social service and research experts Wilder Research to conduct a Community Needs survey in Woodbury.

It was mailed to 4,000 households (approximate total of 21,000 households in Woodbury).  Our goal was to obtain at least a 10% response rate.  Incentives were offered by several local businesses resulting in an exceptional response rate of more than 900 surveys (about 24%).

In 2010, we released the results of the Wilder Research Survey in Woodbury.

Four key areas are now driving the direction of the Woodbury Community Foundation: YOUTH, JOBS, HOUSING, & FOOD.

Each Key Initiative Team is reviewing the challenges and concerns as introduced by Woodbury residents and doing further research to learn more about where gaps exist and what our impact can be.

We initiated the first Woodbury Citizens’ Academy in 2010 to expand the knowledge of our citizens in a way that encourages more involvement in our community.

Woodbury citizens will gain an understanding of how local public, private and nonprofit sectors work in their respective areas, as well as make the City of Woodbury a great place to live, work and play.

In 2011, we launched a networking and educational opportunity for local business leaders and owners.

This monthly gathering is connecting CEO-Level and other executives with like-minded leaders, who tend to live in Woodbury, but may work elsewhere.  The focus of this unique program is to build relationships, learn from each other and connect with the WCF.

Our second year (2012) has proven to be more challenging as we work to bring in more members and continue to provide new speakers.

The Soirée Spooktakular is the premier event of the Woodbury Community Foundation.

Attendees dress in costumes and connect with each other over music, food and lots of fun at the end of October.

It is a unique adult Halloween party that brings together the whole community in the name of philanthropy.

Proceeds from this event are put back into the community in the form of programs and grants.

In 2010, the WCF partnered with the Woodbury Chamber of Commerce for the first Community Expo, a family-friendly event that showcases the best of businesses and nonprofits in Woodbury.

We also celebrated National Volunteer Week and recognized the great work that organizations in our community have accomplished.

Beginning in 2011, the Woodbury Chamber will manage this event with full support of the WCF.

In order to reach out to churches in our community and break down silos, the WCF has brought together local outreach pastors and mission directors to create this new group in 2012.

We are looking forward to sharing ideas and helping local organizations by working together for the benefit of our community.

There are three program ideas that we have attempted to start, but have not been able to maintain with our current situation.  With additional staff or volunteers, these programs would have the opportunity to support the WCF significantly. For now, they are “on the back burner.”

  • The Community Link – The Woodbury Community Foundation is leading community building by fostering innovative collaborations between and among the nonprofit, public and private sectors.  This will help narrow a growing gap in how effectively our community delivers services.  This initiative gathers to network and hold education sessions that are relevant to community needs.
  • Future Leaders of Woodbury – This is an opportunity for community members who live and work within the Woodbury area to join a network of other emerging leaders to learn about the greater community and how one can make an impact.  This committee builds membership, holds informal social events, and discusses issues within our community.  Teaching philanthropy is also a critical role for this committee and its participants.

We are looking to bolster our volunteer ranks as well as our marketing efforts.  In May 2012, we hired Queen Bee Media to assist with our social media campaign and our website re-design. We are in the process of making significant progress in both areas.

Our mission is “to strengthen our community by connecting people & organizations with causes that matter.”  Our vision is to ensure that our community is a premier and caring place to live, work, and play.  This perspective compels us to focus on the following key aspects of our community:

  • Financial turmoil caused by job loss. The Woodbury Community Foundation supports networking opportunities and professional training for citizens facing unemployment or a tough job market.  We also support local employers who wish to engage in community efforts.
  • Family disruption or distress caused by military deployment, health problems, alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness or domestic violence. The Woodbury Community Foundation supports programs that help these adults and children rebuild their lives and families.
  • Citizens who find securing essentials difficult.  The Woodbury Community Foundation directly assists and partners with other organizations that distribute food and clothing, provide transportation and shelter, serve those with mental health challenges, and assist with other basic needs.

For more information on how to get connected to the Woodbury Community Foundation, please contact Alisa Rabin Bell, Executive Director, at 651-788-6586 or

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