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The Woodbury Community Foundation is a charitable foundation that assures that our city is a premier and caring place to live and work for all. We inspire collaboration by connecting individuals and businesses with causes that matter, making a real impact within our community, and producing real, measurable results.



The vision of Woodbury Community Foundation is to ensure our community is a premier and caring place to live, work, and play. We connect people to causes that matter. Donations to the Foundation ensure we can continue this work.

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Part of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Woodbury is the 8th largest city in Minnesota. And it is the largest city in Washington County, with a population of over 80,000.

TIME Magazine recognized the city Woodbury as the Best Place to Live in Minnesota. Money Magazine listed Woodbury among The Best Places to Live in America. Factors such as a healthy economy, affordable housing, educational performance, convenience, safety, and a high quality of life contribute to the city’s desirability and livability.

Although the residents of Woodbury have much to be thankful for, the city is not without its challenges.

There is a “hidden Woodbury,” the

Woodbury that can get ignored:

  • 2,973 households have an annual income less than $35,000
  • 543 households receive Food Stamp/SNAP benefits
  • 3.46% of the population is living below the poverty line
  • 629 individuals age 25 or older have an education level of less than Grades 9-12, with no diploma
  • 7,300 individuals are foreign-born
  • 14,800 individuals are persons of color
  • 100 students are known to be homeless in South Washington County schools
  • 250 families rely monthly on the local Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf
  • 7,512 Individuals are age 65 and older
  • Females from age 25-34 are the largest group living in poverty
  • 8,800 individuals speak a primary language other than English
  • 2,400 Individuals do not speak English proficiently
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