Angels of

Hope Memorial Fund

Several Woodbury residents who have suffered the loss of a child have collaborated with the city of Woodbury and Woodbury Community Foundation to create a place of remembrance, solace and peace in their honor.

The Angels of Hope Memorial Woodbury is an everlasting tribute that helps our hometown heal when the most difficult tragedy, that of losing a child, occurs.

If you would like to donate to Angels of Hope Memorial-Woodbury through the Woodbury Community Foundation, you can click the link above to donate online. You may also send a check to:

Woodbury Community Foundation
Attn: Angels of Hope Memorial-Woodbury
724 Bielenberg Drive #129
Woodbury, MN 55125

*Please note in the memo field of the check that your donation is for Angels of Hope Memorial-Woodbury.

The Angel of Hope

Inspired by the book

The Angel of Hope is inspired by the book, The Christmas Box, by Richard Paul Evans. The book lovingly tells of a mother’s grief and how her eventual solace over the loss of her child resulted from her frequent connection with “The Christmas Box Angel” as it is referred to in the book.

The Angel of Hope

Created to honor all children

The Angels of Hope Memorial-Woodbury has been created to honor all children, like Natalie and Andra, who have passed too soon. The memorial angel is intended to be a place of peace that provides a tranquil environment to reflect, remember, and connect with our children forever.

In Memory of:
Natalie Ann Valitchka

For the Rageth family, Natalie Ann Valitchka their 32-year-old daughter passed on 2/19/2020. She was fun-loving, beautiful, and simply put, a most wonderful person. They miss her smiling face and positive spirit every day.

In Memory of:
Andra Sonnek

For the Sonnek family, Andra their 24-year-old daughter passed on 3/25/2019. She was spirited, passionate and so kind-hearted. There are no words that describe how much she is missed by her family.

170+ Sites

The Angel of Hope has become nationally recognized as a memorial site for children all around the world. There are currently 10 Minnesota cities and over 170 cities globally with Angel of Hope sites. Alongside the Angel are the engraved names of children who died far too soon, with a message from their parents, family, and friends honoring each child.

A Community Symbol

The Angel of Hope, with the face of a child, upturned palms and outstretched wings, serves as a community symbol of light, hope, and healing for parents, families, and friends dealing with the tragic loss of a child. It is open to all residents and visitors to the Woodbury community.

An Annual Ceremony

Once per year, Angel of Hope communities around the world gather and participate in a candle-lighting vigil. Woodbury’s semi-annual ceremony dates are the Thursday after Memorial Day and the fourth Thursday of August. All Woodbury residents, family, friends, and visitors are warmly invited to join in our semi-annual ceremonies honoring the memories of children who have passed.

Monthly Informal Gathering

Our Angel community meets monthly to honor, remember, reflect and connect in a safe and informal space.  Join us in fostering meaningful connections. Meetings are at King of Kings Lutheran Church in Woodbury the second Monday of the month at 6:00 PM. Contact Julie or Lynne or email





Please contact:
Julie Rageth: 612-237-1031 OR
Lynne Sonnek: 651-206-8655

Angels of Hope Social Media: 

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