In November 2009, our Basic Needs Task Force commissioned local social service and research experts Wilder Research to conduct a community needs survey in Woodbury. This project was funded primarily through a partnership with 3M Foundation, the Greater Twin Cities United Way, and the United Way of Washington County East.

The survey was mailed to 4,000 households (out of a total of approximately 21,000 households in Woodbury).

Our goal was to obtain at least a 10% response rate (400 surveys). After offering simple incentives from several local businesses, we proudly received an exceptional response rate of more than 900 surveys (approximately 24%). Based on the survey results, our board has now recommended we focus on:

  • Youth
  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • Food

Each area is being further researched by a team of local leaders and volunteers to determine the greatest opportunities for impact. If you are interested in being a part of one – or more – of these teams, contact Alisa Rabin Bell at or call 651-788-6586.