Be a friend to your community members! Make a charitable gift to support the emerging needs of Woodbury families and our essential community organizations. Your gifts provide the roots needed to grow a community where we ALL can thrive! COVID-19 has taught us - sometimes we all need a friend.



Annuals (up to $250)

Make an annual gift, and add color to our garden of support.



Perennials (up to $250)

Your recurring gift provides year-round support to serve the needs of our community.



Birch (up to $999)

Rise up with the river birches to support our community needs.



Tamarack ($1000+)

Like the rare Tamarack trees in Woodbury, your gift will have a remarkable impact on our community.


Woodbury Cares ($2,500+)

For a donation of $2,500 or more, the Woodbury Community Foundation will place a full-page feature ad in the Woodbury Magazine. The ad will feature your company’s or your individual photo, along with a description of what you find special and unique about the Woodbury community and what you or your company contributes to the overall well-being of Woodbury.


Burr Oak Society  - $10,000+

Field of Interest Fund

Start a new fund of interest to support a special need in our community! A lead gift of $10,000+ can start a named fund in which others can also donate, to support a specific need or interest in our community. Like the burr oaks in Woodbury, your donation can grow and stand strong for a lifetime. Become a member of the Burr Oak Society by starting your fund today!

You can start or add to a Field of Interest Fund with a smaller acorn, that can grow throughout the years. Contact us today for more information at

Current Funds:

Woodbury Anti-Racism Fund


Headwaters Fund ($5,000 a year, with $25K lead gift or pledge)

All great rivers start at their headwaters, where a spring erupts or many small streams flow together to begin a new journey. From rivers, tributaries flow in and out, providing life-giving water to communities.

Such as it is with the Woodbury Community Foundation Headwaters Fund. Donors provide lead gifts which then start a growing river of support for the health and welfare of Woodbury residents, and spawn a series of tributaries that continue to nourish and sustain our community.

You can start a Headwaters Fund with a $25,000 lead gift, or a pledge of $5K over 5 years, providing a steady tributary of support to nourish our community. 

Current Tributaries:

Dick & Diane Hanson
Tom & Dixie Ewing


Leave a legacy in our community, and remain part of our soul forever. Complete a bequest form to include Woodbury Community Foundation in your estate planning.

Current Evergreens:

Inez Oehlke