Woodbury is blessed with a significant number of business leaders who live in or lead businesses in Woodbury. The Woodbury Community Foundation’s Leadership Forum is designed to engage those leaders in solving community problems in partnership with the Foundation.

The Leadership Forum brings together local business leaders to support, celebrate and share in the benefits of partnering with the Foundation. Members of the Leadership Forum:

Contribute to Woodbury’s Evolution – Shape the Woodbury Community Foundation’s efforts to address the most challenging needs of our community.

Expand Knowledge – Gain from expert speakers on relevant business topics.

Collaborate With Other Woodbury Leaders – Exchange ideas and experiences with colleagues for your benefit and the benefit of the Woodbury community.

The Leadership Forum leverages the knowledge, training, experience and passion of fellow business leaders in a productive environment. Members include:

C-suite executives of large companies who live in Woodbury or whose businesses are located in Woodbury (CEO, COO, CFO…)

Owners of small-to-mid-sized businesses who live in Woodbury or whose businesses are located in Woodbury.

Nonprofit executive directors who have a longstanding interest in the goals of the Foundation.

Business leaders have a vested interest in assuring the success of the community where they live or work. A thriving Woodbury has a positive impact on employees, customers, families and neighbors.

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The Leadership Forum Flyer

Top Ten Reasons to Join The WCF Leadership Forum



For more information or to join the Leadership Forum, please call 651-788-6586.