Non-Profit Roundtable Dialogue

A Roundtable Dialogue

Members of the non-profit & faith community were invited to meet for a second time last month for a lively discussion to connect, commit to generate new ideas, share best practices, learn from each of our experiences, & talk about easing up access to services for all in Woodbury.

The Woodbury Community Foundation established the Non-Profit Roundtable a few years ago to provide a space for discussions related to topics that are top-of-mind for Woodbury.

More work to be done as this information is gathered – how to adopt sound methods & improve reach, & tackle problems with grace.

Thank you to all who attended – it was a full house & a very vocal active group – most definitely a Community who Cares.

Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce

City of Woodbury, MN – Government

Woodbury Lions Club MN

Woodbury Rotary Club

King of Kings Lutheran Church

The Grove United Methodist Church

Open Cupboard


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