Non-Profit Round Table

In 2017, the Woodbury Community Foundation, in partnership with the City of Woodbury, launched our Nonprofit Roundtable Initiative.

One of the key goals of the Woodbury Community Foundation is to foster collaboration among other organizations. Another goal is to increase volunteerism within the Woodbury Community. The Nonprofit Roundtable will help us accomplish both important goals.

The Nonprofit Roundtable begins with a series of roundtable discussions held with local nonprofit leaders representing various missions across the nonprofit sector. Questions directed at these leaders are aimed at identifying their strengths, challenges, needs, and opportunities for working together. The roundtable discussions will also look at how the City of Woodbury and the Woodbury Community Foundation can help provide or direct resources and assistance, including the recruitment of a network of volunteers, to enhance local organizations’ capacity to fulfill their missions and provide optimal benefits to the populations they serve.

To learn more about the Nonprofit Roundtable and find out how you can help, contact the Woodbury Community Foundation at 651-505-7024 or at