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Bruce was a Woodbury Firefighter for 22 years and served as Chief, as well as a 35 year Paramedic with HealthEast and Paramedic to the St. Paul Saints Fan Services.

On November 20, 2014 Bruce passed away suddenly. This was a uniquely difficult situation for the Woodbury EMS, Police and Firefighters who responded. In gratitude, this Legacy Fund was established to honor those first responders.

The Fund is established through the Woodbury Community Foundation. Bruce’s dad R. H. “Dick” Stafford was a founding member of the Foundation. I established a Legacy Fund to express my deepest appreciation to Woodbury Public Safety. At the time, it was for personal reasons. But has grown to be a labor of love to assure what I call “perpetuity of gratitude”. The purpose and mission of the fund is to purchase and train K9’s and handlers covering costs not provided to meet needs and demands. One way of sustaining the fund is Koins for K9’s Month every year beginning November 20.

Not only has Bruce’s legacy fund provided a 4th canine, and all equipment and supplies , but furthering the mission of the fund, also enables our K9’s and their handlers to attend national specialized trainings. The impact is that Woodbury’s K9 team is one of the most highly trained, skilled and respected K9 units in the region.

Bruce’s legacy will continue in support of his brothers and sisters in public safety.

The impact is extraordinary when you establish a Legacy Fund to honor a loved one and giving back to a community that has given us so much.


Our K-9s are trained through the U.S. Police Canine Association trials and regional certifications. Dogs learn obedience, agility, suspect search, article search and apprehension. Narcotics certification involves finding “hides” in cars and rooms.

Woodbury’s K-9s train locally on a bi-monthly basis, as well as daily work with their handlers. A group of decoys, usually officers who are interested in becoming K-9 handers, assist. The decoy officers are working and training with the current K-9 team, so Woodbury will always be ready to add a new handler when the time comes.

Our dogs need to stay physically fit and mentally engaged and aggressive but also obedient. It’s a daily process for a K-9 to learn and follow direction from its handler. Nationally offered specialized training is a must for Woodbury’s K-9 team. This is now possible annually due to the community’s generous support to the Legacy Fund.