We believe that health involves an entire community collectively oriented toward being healthy and staying healthy. Woodbury THRIVES is a collaborative effort to look at and respond to factors that define and impact health in our community.

Woodbury THRIVES is a collaboration of civic, service, education, business, and healthcare that seeks to fulfill a vision of expanding opportunities to pursue the best health possible by: helping families build a strong foundation for themselves and their children; expanding access to affordable health services; investing in leaders from all sectors who are helping build a culture of health, and transforming Woodbury in ways that makes it easier for everyone to live a healthier life.  The ultimate outcome is healthier people and a healthier Woodbury.

By working with information and data from our partners in public health, local government, and healthcare, this initiative is uniquely positioned to ascertain and respond to our community’s readiness to engage in existing and new opportunities to make healthier choices.

This Initiative sounds interesting, but what does it mean for Woodbury and its citizens?

It means Woodbury would be a community that:

  • Is safe for children, pedestrians and seniors
  • Seeks to create employment opportunities everyone
  • Respects diversity and values all of its citizens
  • Creates opportunities to participate in play, exercise, and interaction with nature
  • Educates its citizens about the value of healthy eating and nutritious food
  • Employs fundamental health practices throughout the community, including clean air and water
  • Educates its citizens about the appropriate use of holistic health services, conventional health care services, and how to address mental health and addictive behaviors
  • Ensures youth are equipped to make healthy and responsible choices

Click on the following link to learn more! https://youtu.be/wbFCg5GIncI