The Woodbury Heritage Society & the Interpretive Signage at the Valley Creek Park

The Valley Creek Heritage Trail at the Valley Creek Park is not only a recreational haven but is also a vital resource for local history enthusiasts, nature lovers, photographers, and all who seek to be inspired by the beauty of this parcel of land representing Woodbury.  The Woodbury Heritage Society have created Eight Interpretive Panels to enhance the visitor experience, providing information on local culture, history and nature, in partnership with the City of Woodbury. 

On Friday, 12th July from 3-5pm, the public is invited to participate in the Grand Reveal of the Interpretive Signs, starting at the Miller Barn.

The Valley Creek Park invites all who traverse the trail to engage more deeply with the stories and wonders that have shaped Woodbury.  These Signs focus on interpreting the key ecological features in the natural areas and how they are managed, in addition to stories about Woodbury’s beginning told from different angles, fun facts for all ages, and linked to QR codes for on-going learning and more stories. 

Thanks to the bequest of Inez Oehlke this project has been executed.  This local lady, founded the Woodbury Heritage Society, led an incredible life of generosity.  She was a thoughtful and focused philanthropist.  She continues to make a difference after her passing at age 96 years old on Labor Day, 2016.  She left a legacy gift designed to preserve the community’s heritage.  The funds are held with the Woodbury Community Foundation.

The Woodbury Heritage Society enjoys this partnership with the Foundation to realize the dreams & goals of Inez Oehlke.

Join us at the Valley Creek Park & walk the Heritage Trail – it’s a wonderful place to wander, listen & admire the wild beauty.

For daily history bites:

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