WCF Completes Reframing of Organizational Strategic Priorities

The Woodbury Community Foundation recently completed a several month process of re-engineering the narrative around the work of the Foundation.  The process, which involved board members and community leaders, shifted the focus of the Foundation’s work to five key strategic priorities for creating community impact.

These priorities usher in a new focus of our relationship building with the community, our residents, our nonprofit and service providing organizations, the city of Woodbury, the corporate community, our donors, and our prospective donors.

While continuing our long tradition of inspiring innovative and creative programming that adds value to the community like the Citizens’ Academy, the Woodbury Area Youth Leadership Development Program, the Leadership Forum, our Business Education Partnership (with the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce and the South Washington County School District), and our work with the Woodbury Youth Resource Connection, these priorities focus on five ways in which transformative change can be truly made in our community.  They are:


The Foundation promotes philanthropy by connecting donors to their personal passions while raising funds for short- and long-term strategic reinvestment through grants and allocations to meet the demonstrated needs of the community.  Particular focus will be on expanding our growing legacy and endowment program which can provide sustainable, long-term funding for critical community needs for decades to come.


The Foundation helps to develop networks of engaged leaders while trying to increase awareness of and engagement in volunteer and leadership opportunities in Woodbury’s service organizations by its diverse and growing community.

Supporting One Another

The Foundation strives to encourage respect, dignity, and inclusiveness for all Woodbury residents by increasing awareness of community needs and encouraging residents to get involved in their neighborhoods and other community organizations to connect those in need to the services they require.

Enhance Effectiveness of Organizations

The Foundation inspires innovative collaborations for new programs, services, and initiatives while trying become the ‘go-to’ resource for service organizations and those trying to create impact in Woodbury.  We also are developing a communications network between organizations in hopes of creating natural connections where the sharing of resources can lead to more efficient and effective program development.

Identify Tomorrow’s Needs Today

The Foundation listens to our community’s organizations and our donors so that we can understand future Issues that will Impact Woodbury.  We guide donors and organizations by use data to inspire giving and the development of new programs and services while promoting innovative solutions.


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