WCF Director Matt Johnson Receives Dick Stafford Community Leadership Award

  • Reprinted from Woodbury Lions Club

The first criterion for the Dick Stafford Community Leadership Award is someone who has significantly impacted the City of Woodbury through volunteer activities or partnership, influence or participation in fundraising efforts and leadership to projects that positively influence the community. 

This year’s recipient:

*He graduated from the Woodbury Citizens Academy, a collaborative effort of the Woodbury Community Foundation, the City of Woodbury and the Woodbury Lions Club in 2012, grooming him for future community leadership. 

*He was a leader in planning of the Christian Cupboard Emergency Food Shelf’s “Chili Hubbub” event since its inception. 

*He’s served on the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He recently shared his insights on how to effectively survive the COVID-19 pandemic on a Chamber Virtual Business Networking session. 

*As a member of the Woodbury Community Foundation’s Board of Directors, he has co-chaired the Foundation’s Chef Fest committee since 2016, growing it to become the major source of funding for the Foundation’s work in the community. He will be the Foundation’s Vice-Chair of the Board starting in July and two years later will become the Board Chair. 

*As a member of the Woodbury Lions Club, he’s served as Vice-President of our Board and has been a critical part of making us the District’s leader in KidSight First, reaching out to every pre-school and childcare center in the area. 

*Through his real estate business, this Lion has been a frequent sponsor of events like Starlight Cinema, Chili Hubbub, the Foundation’s Chef Fest, our Woodbury Lions Golf Tournament and others.  

*He uses both his personal and business social media to spread the word about the activities of community organizations and to spotlight local small businesses who are challenged during this pandemic. 

*His business owns a moving truck that he makes available at no charge to community organizations and current and past customers. 

*He has a 4.8 out of five stars rating on Zillow as a realtor which indicates he’s treating his clients right. 

All of this while being father to two incredible children. 


LinkedIn reviews of this Lion describe him: 

  • He thoroughly enjoys and gets his energy from connecting with people of all ages and interests.  
  • He’s seen as a constant and dependable with an overall positive perspective and inherently is attracted to the good in people.
  • He loves his family deeply and looks to them for that much needed balance.  
  • He is a giver at heart and truly gets his satisfaction from paying it forward.

The Dick Stafford Community Leadership Award is presented in honor of Lion Richard Stafford who through hard work, dedication and enthusiastic leadership made Woodbury a better place to live and work. 

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