WCF to Sponsor Youth Leadership Program

With support from the Sundance Family Foundation, the WCF is sponsoring an 8-week, out of school, service learning, leadership development and entrepreneurial program designed to give students in grades 11 and 12 opportunities to develop critical skills necessary for increased community engagement, acquire real world skills to succeed in the business environment, and explore entrepreneurship in the 21st century.

The learning component will be paired with a 20 hour service-learning experience in one of three areas: nonprofit/social service; business; entrepreneurship.

Throughout the program, teens will be exposed to three main themes:

Youth Social Entrepreneurship

Youth Social Entrepreneurship (YSE) integrates practices of positive youth development with community engagement  and social entrepreneurship to enable mutual transformation of economies, neighborhoods, and individuals.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement is the process of building relationships with community organizations and working with those organizations side-by-side in any and every way imaginable, building connections and developing an interest in their mission, with the end goal of helping making the community a better place to live.

Life Skill Development

Life skills are a comprehensive set of universal skills and abilities, connecting behavior, attitudes, and knowledge, which teens can develop and retain throughout their lives. Life skills increase young people’s well-being and help them to develop into active and productive members of their communities.

Our pilot program will enroll up to 24 participants.  Interested teens in grades 11 and 12 in Woodbury can find the application form by CLICKING HERE!.  For more information, please contact the Foundation by calling 651-788-6586 or by email at wcf@woodburyfoundation.org.

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