Welcoming students back to school with a “Reverse” Parade

Cars were streaming through the East Ridge parking lots on Sunday, with more than 1,200 parade-goers who were met with live music, toy story characters, and a variety of interesting stands from local organizations.

“Woodbury Community Foundation’s Back to School Rally & “Reverse” parade was a blast, thank you to everyone who attended!” says Michelle Witte, who led the WCF’s efforts. 

Woodbury’s community spirit was in full display to welcome students back to school, with cars decorated with signs, images, and messages to celebrate this return to school. Additionally volunteers of students, teachers, school administration, and local businesses participated in making fun parade units, such as mascots, pageant winners, robots, live choirs and instruments, and lots more. And thanks to the generosity of local businesses, everyone who attended got a swag bag full of goodies.

“WCF is so happy that an event like this could take place during the COVID-19 pandemic, huge thank you to Michelle Witte for coordinating this event and making it possible as well as the many other organizers and volunteers that allowed it to be both fun and safe, “ says Jodi Ritacca Carlini, WCF Board Chair. “Hopefully, this got students excited to return to school.”

WCF plans to continue the momentum of our “You’ve Got a Friend in Woodbury” campaign. To learn more about upcoming events in the campaign visit www.woodburyfoundation.org or call 651.505.7024 for more information and save the day for our virtual fundraiser Friends Fest on November 8.

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