Community Support Fund

Help us support Woodbury families in crisis. Your donations will allow Woodbury Public Safety to assist families in crisis.

Your donations will help provide Woodbury Public Safety personnel with the resources to provide fast, short-term support for basic needs of community members in crisis, including but not limited to, food, clothing, and shelter. While there are a variety of resources available for individuals in need, Woodbury public safety is often called when immediate help is needed and before other resources can be coordinated. These funds might be used for: a tank of gasoline that allows an individual to leave an abusive situation and drive to a safe location; food and other basic necessities to assist a family as they navigate a house fire and wait for additional resources, or a one-night hotel stay as an individual is between safe living arrangements.

“By the nature of their work and as they uphold their motto of ‘treating all people with compassion and courage,’ Woodbury’s Public Safety officers encounter people in our community who are in need of various types of assistance — this could mean food, clothing, a night in a hotel, gas money, or a variety of other relief. Our officers are on the front line to provide needed support. Donations to the Community Support Fund allow for funds to meet a particular need of an individual or a family and uphold their dignity as people that matter,” says Mayor Anne Burt.

Any amount helps to sustain and evolve our work for a better Woodbury for all!

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