Bart Chestman is Back!!!

November 14, 2014  –   6:30 p.m.  –   Prom Center, Oakdale

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For the second year running, Woodbury’s gearing up for a Deal. It’s the Woodbury Community Foundation, backed by a number of area businesses, dealing up a party of memorable proportions – all for the great cause of Woodbury.

This year’s “Woodbury Does a Deal” will feature lounge acts from the Woodbury Community Theatre, as well as exquisite eats, cocktails, prizes, live and silent auctions, costumes, and much more. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Prom Center in Oakdale.

Speaking of much more, the night will be rolling with hilarious antics from Bart Chestman, the infamous game show guru who’s excited to host Woodbury Does a Deal for the second year in a row. His solemn promise to Woodbury citizens: “The night of November 14, 2014 will overflow with an unstoppable flood of class. And prizes, prizes, PRIZES!”

Attendees are encouraged to sport a costume for the event (Bart Chestman will be attending as Bart Chestman) and to prepare themselves for an evening of exhilarating fun, furnished by Woodbury’s best.

To purchase tickets ($60 dollars each, or $75 on the day of the event) call 651-788-6586 or register online.

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Be sure to catch up with Mr. Chestman and the rest of the WDaD team on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – and come back to the Woodbury Community Foundation’s blog for a taste of the fun to come.