Woodbury Does a Deal 2014 – “A Bigger Deal than 2013”

Woodbury Does a Deal is back for 2014. If you attended last year, you know a little bit of what’s in store. Of course, the Woodbury Community Foundation is determined to bring some surprises to this second annual event. WDaD 2013 was a blast, but this year will top it by far – and it’s all taking place at the Prom Center on November 14, 2014.

One man who refused to be topped – or replaced – is the infamous game show guru Bart Chestman. Bart was the headman for WDaD 2013’s three-door “deal” last year. This year, he’s insisted on blocking out the next two months to prepare for November 14, 2014 – the night he calls: “WDaD 2014 – the Biggest Deal since WDaD 2013.” He certainly has passion.

In addition to hosting the event, Bart has established himself as the head of WDaD’s promotion and public relation. He’s certainly wasted no time in gaining access to WDaD’s and WCF’s social media platforms. (See below.)

“At this point,” former WDaD marketing manager John Healy said, “there’s really no way to stop him. Bart is like a runaway train, you know? Once he sets his sights on something, there’s no shaking him. We’ll just have to hope his marketing forte keeps up with his passion for Woodbury Does a Deal. We know that he won’t… he might not let us down.”

Since Healy is now WDaD’s “former” marketing manager, Bart has hired him as his assistant. “I’ll only be writing the really hard-hitting stuff,” Bart said. “I’ll leave the rest to Johnny.”

In line with Bart’s first marketing campaign: “No Woodbury resident left uninformed,” please see the list below, where citizens are enthusiastically encouraged to keep in touch with the Woodbury Community Foundation, WDaD, and – of course – Bart Chestman.

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