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Picture a community where everyone is informed, engaged and connected – a place where facts matter and reliable information is at your fingertips. This is the vision of our nonprofit, local, community-led, online, independent news initiative: Woodbury News Net.
A Simple But Profound Goal: Strengthening the Bonds of Community. One story at a time. As Minnesota’s 8th largest city, Woodbury has been impacted by the loss of a local newspaper. We’ve missed out on coverage of important local issues, calendar listings of community events, reporting on local government, updates on local businesses and nonprofits, and a deeper awareness of the amazing place we are proud to call home.


The goal of Woodbury News Net is to create a local news platform that strengthens the bonds of community and engages our residents. We will provide trustworthy journalism as well as details of community events and activities. We plan to cast a wide net to cover critical issues as well as human interest stories from all corners of Woodbury.


Us Grow!

Your support is needed to make this happen. Without a local news source, misinformation spreads rapidly and unchecked. By supporting the Woodbury News Net Fund, you’ll contribute to the creation of content that is well-sourced, factual, and unbiased. And, you’ll be up-to-date on what’s happening locally. Your tax-deductible contribution will also allow everyone to access the site for free, by helping us avoid creating a paywall.


While community volunteers are giving hundreds of hours to launch this effort, tax-deductible donations are needed today to cover required technology and services that must be purchased. Your early support will provide critical financial resources that will ensure a successful launch later this year.

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